Sliders & Slides

I peered out the frosty window as the sun rose over the Mississippi River. We have found ourselves along this body of water so many times over the past year-and-a-half of our travels.

Marlee placed her paws on the sill and looked out at the city below her as well.

We packed up our belongings and set out for a morning of exploring before we hit the road to Topeka, Kansas.

First stop: Red Oak Biscuit and Brunch House.

As a girl who has lived in the south for the better part of a decade now, I have come to love the buttery, flakey, belly-warming goodness of a biscuit.

One sad truth of living at high altitude – the baked goods. They tend to be a bit denser. Though to be fair, I have yet to try Denver Biscuit Co., which comes with raving reviews.

So when we saw Biscuit Sliders pop up on Yelp, it was a no-brainer.

And oh man..these biscuits were amazing. I am so glad they came in slider size so I could eat more than one.


I ordered a trio: A salmon biscuit with goat cheese and a pickled cucumber; egg with fresh cheese and apples; and a double yolk open faced biscuit – extra runny and delicious.

I sat for a while drinking a fruity blend of coffee that perfectly complemented the spread I had devoured and enjoyed the warmth of this delightful brunch house.

As the clock turned to 9 a.m. we bundled back up and made our way to our second stop: the City Museum, a giant four-story learning playground comprised mainly of architectural and industrial objects.

Placards are sprinkled throughout the museum to teach of different types of plasters and examples of architectural features.

20171229_100641.jpgThe educational areas are intermingled with art galleries, general silliness and multi-story slides. The perfect way to work off a biscuit coma.



We skipped our way through mirrored tunnels, spun giant hamster wheels, crawled on our hands and knees on glass tiled ceilings peering at the unseeing people wandering below.


We spun on giant tops and shimmied through metal spirals to ascend the museum’s intertwined and magical floors.



And, of course, slid down every slide we could find.

Hours later, we paused beneath a mosaic tree to catch our breath, checked the clock and set out for Topeka.



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