Key Largo, FL – Diving

Despite our new-found love of paddle boarding, the real reason we came to Key Largo was to scuba dive. Key Largo is known for its very healthy reef system. So, not unlike our snowboarding adventures in Breckenridge over the winter, we opted to spend the summer diving in the Keys.

File Jul 17, 7 41 20 PM.jpeg
Photo by Mario Alfonsi

Mo and I have taken every opportunity to dive since arriving. Squeezing in the occasional mid-week dive, we’ve spent most of our Saturdays underwater. Last Saturday night, we dove the Winch Hole – an old abandoned winch perched on the edge of a soft sandy pit. We were greeted by a spotted eel on the hunt; a shark glided by on the edge of our observable universe. We enjoyed flickers of bio-luminescent algae or shrimp sparkling turquoise as we drifted along.

During the day, we have dived the Duane, Spiegel Grove and Benwood wrecks. We’ve also dived Molasses Reef and French Reef. Each of the large reef systems is dotted with mooring lines marking site after site of fantastic diving. Today we were on “Fire Coral Cave;” the other day we explored “Hole in the Wall.”

Spiegel Grove Wreck, Photo by Mario Alfonsi
Benwood Wreck, Photo by Mario Alfonsi

There are massive schools of fish, sharks, rays, invertebrates and more! Huge barracuda (small guy pictured) ominously stanchion the invisible perimeter near each coral outcropping.

GOPR2652 (2).JPG

Droves of parrot fish graze the reef in formation. The occasional reef shark – adorned with hook and line – coasts by as you explore the depth.

Today we were lucky enough to welcome a new diver to the family. Mo’s cousin took the plunge.

GOPR2682 (4).JPG

On her first dive she was lucky enough to see her first shark – a nurse shark casually glided by and stopped on the sandy bottom just a few yards away.

Mo and I saw our first sea turtle down here – a little guy having a happy swim (not pictured). A spotted eel was spotted too!


We missed a giant school of eagle rays. Next time!


Bonus: Cousin’s SO snorkeling above!






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