Las Cruces, NM

3/24 – 3/25

We met up with Haley and Amber, ditched the little one, and went to a haunted restaurant – the Double Eagle. Ghosts took our order, brought us our food – it was great. $6 margaritas too! After that, we grabbed some brew and met up with the Davis paterfamilias and played some dominoes to cap a whirlwind day and start a whirlwind weekend.

Title: Josh discovers he bites his nails.

Dear Little One,

We had such a good time with you in Las Cruces! You’re terrible at steering a buggy, so its good your dad is going to lose our self-driving car bet. But your bag is adorable, so we’ll give you a pass! Hoot Hoot


We went to the farmer’s market. [Las Cruces has a great farmers market – it is definitely a gem, so check it out!]

Aunty Mo and Mommy were teaching you how to count to ten in Spanish [Josh failed not getting video of said adorableness]. It was all a rouse! Mommy was tired of swinging you and her and Mo came up with a way to keep you occupied so they’d have to swing you less! 😉

You got a balloon animal Elmo! Elmo and you talked and talked! Elmo speculated that Big Bird must be 19’ tall and explained that there are no cookies in Sesame Street because the Cookie Monster has a problem, and they are all being supportive. We had lunch after the farmer’s market, and there were birds and piranhas for some reason! We tried to get you to identify a garibaldi, but it’s a hard word. We’ll get it later.

[Mo has our pics at White Sands! bah!]

Shortly after, we left you, and you would go onto White Sands! The biggest beach without an ocean! We need to take you to OBX! Oh, the places we’re going to take you.

Miss you already, kiddo!




“Why are you photographing me.”



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