Mo, Life.

So a few years ago, most of you know, I married the Mo.


Despite the nearly non-stop blur of our 3+ years of married life, it’s actually been 10 years, today, since we started dating. This is the first picture of us together, from about 10 years and a week ago:

Facebook Save - Mo and Josh First Picture.jpg

Not to get too sappy or cliche, but marrying Mo was obviously the best decision I’ve ever made. But I can’t take all the credit, since marriage is an agreement between peers – and there is not a person on this Earth that I respect more than my beautiful wife. She is an inspiration and a true bad ass. [For example, she’s pacing about right now kicking ass on a call, mostly because she can’t sit still for more than 26 seconds.] Once grad school wraps up, I don’t know how I’ll keep up, but I know she’ll drag me – sometimes kicking and screaming – to all the places we’ll go!

Selfie Reel!

There’s been lousy, quarry diving:


And better diving (we’ve not mastered the underwater selfie):


There’s been running (and running birthdays):



There’s been hiking. Lots and lots of hiking:

2015-09-07 08.21.00.jpg

There’s been traveling. And more traveling:

Mo's Miscellaneous Adventures 2010-2012 447.JPG

h No - Sydney Harbor.jpg

There’s been snowboarding!


There’s been climbing! (or lounging…)

Hammock - Instagram 8x10.jpeg

And whatever is happening in this picture:

h Yep.jpg

Ultimately, there are more pictures than I’d like to admit (and many I’d rather not show). But to sum it all up, we’ve traveled all over the Caribbean, the US, a bit of Australia and yet there is so much more to see!

I wouldn’t have done it – I couldn’t have done it – without my bestie. And I can’t wait to see the rest with my adventure buddy.

I love you babe.


To 10, then 100 more.




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