Monterey, CA (cont.)

Flashback time!! I never got around to finishing up the birthday weekend, and at last we left, we were still only half way through Day 2. (Day 2, morning; Day 1)

So this was… October 7th? Maybe? I don’t know – not important.

After Elkhorn Slough, we went to lunch at an adorable little diner – Moss Landing Cafe – with extremely fresh seafood of all kinds. I had a chicken sandwich because – whatever, don’t judge me. Dan had a fresh calamari sandwich and clam chowder. Mo had a sandwich… there was a fish involved… Anyway, Bud Light was on special, so we drank Pacifcos!! CLINK!


After that, we snapped a quick selfie on our way to…


… the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Needless to say, this is one of the most amazing aquariums in the world. The pictures speak for themselves, but not pictured are a number of exhibits and just fantastic features that aren’t fancy jellyfish. And there were more otters… even a kelp exhibit!

After an awe-inspiring visit to the aquarium, we actually went home and did a bit of work like boring-ass adults. But eventually we cast that aside to pop over to a tiki bar called Hula’s Island Grill. And oohhhh man. It was amazing. It was tacky. It was Tiki-y. It was the best place ever.

The food was actually great. The back patio had some heater to fend off the cool ocean breeze, and we had some delightful island cocktails. Mo was a big fan of the Tom Kha soup special. I was a fan of my tiki cup!


What years ago would have escalated into a debaucherous rager, ended rather quietly. We walked home, crawled into bed after the long day of adventuring.

The mix of the Slough and the Aquarium might have combined for the most wildlife I’ve ever seen in a single day. Overall, Monterey is a great little (tourist) town with a lot to offer. I would highly recommend  visit.



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