Las Vegas, NV

Woot! Vegas round two. We met up with my mom and dad for some fantastic birthday festivities. Happy Birthday, Pops! And as I write this I realize we never got a cake. Shame on us…

dad gambling kiss machine.jpg

Okay… Viva Las Vegas! Hit up CVS for some cereal, bananas and brew. On to Bally’s. Park a million miles away. Parents! Gamble, drink, repeat.

Off to Fremont. Fremont is pretty sweet! The Fremont Experience is legitimately cool. I was impressed by the whole street buying in and cutting their lights for the brief show. Gamble some more. Catch and Uber. Mojo couldn’t hang and had to crash, and the parents powered through until 3AM!

AM coffee. Halloween costume search! Early PM coffee. Find parents. Gamble, walk and take a stroll down the alley next to the LINQ featuring some sweet Halloween decorations and, of course, High Roller (billed as the tallest observation ferris wheel or something)!

Dinner at some BBQ place. Mystere. Cirque, awesome as always. Crash again.

Monday morning came and sadly it was time to take the parents back to the airport. After work we met up with Manny, Christina and the gang for a very Phish Halloween (as a fruit basket…). This was our first show, and it will not be our last! So much fun!


Finally, Carlito’s Burritos for some much needed grub before heading into the desert.




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