Rohnert, CA to Monterey, CA

Mo and I woke up at Daniel and Emily’s awesome spot in Rohnert, CA, home of Sonoma State University, did our daily grind, packed it up and headed for Monterey, CA via the beautifully scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

Bye guys! We had a great time!

As we approached and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, Fleet Week festivities had kicked off, and we were welcomed back to San Francisco with daring acrobatics by the Blue Angels roaring through the skies above that iconic “international orange” steelwork.

Best. Traffic Jam. Ever.


After dodging the toll, we made our way along Route 1 onto Park Presidio Boulevard where Mo inexplicably and out of nowhere developed very strong feelings about what lane we should use – the right lane, specifically:

“Because a turn is coming up.”

Staring at Google Maps – trying to recall whether or not we had made drastic changes to our drive-all-the-way-down-the-coast-via-route-1 itinerary – I argued, “but there is a bus in this lane, and it’s about to stop – again.”

As we rolled through the intersection, and I pondered whether I follow my wife’s instructions, in general, a little too closely, she blurted out, “Pull over!”

“What – why? Here!?”
“I need to… er… pick something up,” she LIED as she jumped out of the almost stopped car.

And then Dan threw his two bags in the car with a “Hey Buddy!”

Mo was looking very pleased with herself when I replied, “You guys are dummies.” And they really are, for the record.


After that we hit up Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for a pint.

Then we made our way down the coast enjoying epic vistas and cliff-bound beaches.

Not much later we arrived at our little hotel in Monterey, CA, checked in and grabbed food at another brewery – Cannery Row Brewing Company.


Dan was pretty jet lagged, and Mo and I had also had a big day, so we turned in (relatively) early. And Day 2 would require an early start.


Bonus: Mo feeding the meter.20161006_223328.jpg


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