Monterey, CA

Okay! Day 2! (which comes after Day 1…)

Wake up, eat, hop in the #beepjeep. Destination? Elkhorn Slough

“Slew” for you plebs who pronounce the –ough like the –ough in cough. (Mo and I had been calling it “sloff” for a week, so don’t be too hard on yourselves.)

Anyway after we were gruffly corrected by a salty old – obviously lost – Alaskan King Crab Boat Captain, he hooked us up with some ‘yaks – that’s what we call them in Cali – and got to paddling.

Ignore all of those bad jokes and look at these friggin’ otters!


20161007_100644 (2).jpg20161007_100645 (2).jpg20161007_120612 (3).jpg

And various pictures of not otters.

20161007_103906 (2).jpg20161007_110535 (2).jpg20161007_111511.jpg

And then some selfies!

20161007_101451 (2).jpg20161007_112941.jpg

Oh, and we can’t forget the Harbor Seals!

20161007_102340 (2).jpg20161007_120909 (2).jpg

This is only a few of literally 439 (mostly bad) pictures and videos, so you have probably ascertained that this was an incredible experience, and you just have to drop whatever you’re doing and get to California to do this. The pictures are basically garbage because, ya know, you’re trying to take pictures of creatures that are mostly under water.

At one point, one popped up right next to us and loudly crushed a little red abalone with its teeth.

One of my favorite “word thingies” is Animal Group Names – . So, a group of otters is referred to as either a Romp, a Bevy, a Family or a Raft. But obviously it should have been Flotter, so what do these people know. Also we decided that a group of seals is a Squeal which is nonsense since they mostly snort and occasionally “arf arf arf” (don’t look at me like that – you know what I mean), so maybe one of their terms – Pod, Bob, Harem, Herd, Rookery – is actually more appropriate. I like Bob, but that just makes me wonder what the Price is Right might give away to an on-set, live seal audience. And in this showcase we have a shark cage!

I apologize for nothing. My jokes are hilarious.


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