Stateline, NV aka Lake Tahoe (South)

Ohhhh man, we have been very bad about posting. Mo has an excuse. She started the 2016 fall semester of her grad program and has, literally, no time. I have suspicions her professors are trying to murder the cohort via unending reading assignments. As for me, I’m just lazy.

So we checked into this resort in South Lake Tahoe -its pretty nice, I have to admit. Of course, comparing it to a 6’6″ by 3’6″ tent… It’s nice to have a place to ourselves after staying at so many Air BnBs [even though we’ve met amazing people]. It doesn’t have a kitchen, but it has a bank of gas grills on the patio, and that’s more kitchen than we’ve grown accustomed to. The hiking here is pretty fantastic (more below).

Checking into an off-season timeshare is kind of hilarious. [This is the home of Heavenly Ski Resort in the winter.] For one, nobody here is our age. Old people. Everywhere. In general, the resort is pretty empty, which is also nice since we aren’t actually on vacation. I had expectations that it would be really annoying to have people vacationing all over the place while we continued our day jobs, but that is pleasantly not the case.

Second funny thing about check-in was talking to concierge.

“What do you guys like to do?”

“We like to hike!”

“Uhhhh, great,” Ashleigh said as she opened the bottom drawer looking for something to give us… and then opened the bottom, bottom drawer and pulled out a pamphlet. “Here are the,” checking the title of the brochure again, “local trails. Oh! This one goes down to the casino,” she finished as she blew off the dust and handed it to us. We’re not their average clientele.

“We also have a resort tour,” she projected at our backs as we ran away from her sales pitch.

Incredibly the wifi here is awesome – probably the best speeds we have had since we left Carrboro.

TL;DR: resort is great; we have been hiking in the evenings and grilling our dinners.

Castle Rock

The trailhead for Castle Rock, which is a spur off of the Tahoe Rim Trail is located 10 minutes from our resort. As billed, it offers fantastic overlooks of Lake Tahoe and Stateline, as well as some scrambling and climbing. #beepjeep for scale.


Echo Lake

Echo Lake was a bit further out. When we arrived, a dark, low cloud was pouring into the lake and the wind and cold nearly persuaded us to leave. After discovering the relative ease of securing a backcountry permit (there was a box, and all we had to do was sign), we opted to hike until we couldn’t handle the cold anymore. [The video below is bad, but it displays the clouds moving rapidly and the sound of the wind.]

To our surprise, once we were a few hundred yards down the trail, despite the fact that we were still on the lake, the wind died down, and it warmed considerably as the sun peaked out from behind the dark clouds.

Interestingly, people live on this lake, or at least vacation in cabins along its shores. There is no electricity or water, though cabins appear to have generators and water systems. Each cabin has a little dock and a boat, which, other than the trail, are the only access points. I kept exclaiming, “why would anyone live here?!” to wit Mo consistently replied, “because its beautiful.”


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