Sioux Falls Surprises

I woke up early in Madison, packed up the rest of my belongings and lugged them down to the #BeepJeep. Then, I grabbed my work backpack and made my way up to Colectivo Coffee to settle down with a pineapple mango ginger smoothie and large cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Perched at the window with some John Coltrane pumping into my headphones, I plugged in for the workday.

After hours of writing, sketching out content ideas, and a few calls with coworkers, Josh picked me up in the BeepJeep, and we set course for Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

6 hours later….

We arrived in Sioux Falls famished, ready to grab some food and explore the town. To our surprise and delight, our AirBnB was located right in the heart of it all.

After completing multiple challenges to figure out how to unlock our home for the night, we made our way to JL Beers.

I ordered a Mount Mushmore burger (get it?) and savored a Lagunita’s sour on the side. The bar offered us Beer Mail postcards, so we drafted a couple of post cards to send back home.

A Cocktail Experience

After a much-needed and pretty tasty meal, we wandered down the street, listening to music pour out of piano lounges and guitarists strumming on the street. We settled into a cocktail lounge called Crawford’s Bar & Grille.

After perusing an extensive cocktail menu, I ordered an Epiphany, which claimed to be a complete cocktail experience.

When the beautiful drink showed up in a martini glass adorned with a lemon and a buzz button, my waiter squatted by my side and asked, “Have you ever had a buzz button before?”


I shook my head and he explained that I should have a few a sips of my cocktail and then bite the yellow head off the buzz button flower. Then roll the buzz button around in my mouth and eventually eat the flower.

“It will feel a bit like pop rocks and completely transform the flavor of your drink.”


After a few sips of my tasty cocktail, I nibbled off the buzz button and after consuming the yellow, edible flower, the roof of my mouth and tongue began to tingle. It continued to feel that way for about 15 minutes as I continued to drink in the cocktail experience.

Not what I expected to find in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Another Delightful Surprise

We woke up…really late. We apparently needed some sleep, so when we got out of the AirBnB around 11 a.m., we walked down the street to the little bakery our host had recommended – CH Patisserie.

I opened a door in Sioux Falls and walked into a delightful and welcoming French patisserie owned by an award-winning, world-renown pastry chef.

Articles from the New York Times and various pastry publications adorned the wall acclaiming the chef’s success at crafting gorgeous, decadent pastries.

I ordered a salted caramel brioche adorned with gold flakes and Josh ordered a crème Brule beignet. We topped it off with a small French press that served up a perfectly steeped cup of coffee.


Before we left, we ordered a sampling of macarons to take along with us.

We stepped back onto the streets of Sioux Falls, feeling as though we’d just stepped out of a portal to Paris.

The City’s Namesake

Our final stop in the city before we ventured on to the Badlands was the city’s famed Falls Park. Just a mile from where we had breakfast we found a striking waterfall set beneath an impressive airshow. People gathered along the riverbank to picnic, just as they had back in the 1800s, before industry had claimed the waterfall for itself chased away the outdoors enthusiasts. Now, protected, the park invites the later generations to enjoy this natural beauty.


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