Milwaukee, WI

We are way behind on blogging!

Milwaukee was a one night blur (July 16-17). We were very fortunate and managed to luckbox a free, awesome apartment from friends of our Chicago friends [Thanks Ethan and Katie!] in a great spot in Milwaukee.

We drove up midday and got into it. Mo and I parked, risked the 2-hour max parking ticket, yanked off the bikes and set out across the city.

Most of the main thoroughfares (which I just Googled to see how to spell) have nice wide bicycle lanes making getting across the city by bike safe and enjoyable. The weather was fantastic for cycling, and as you can see from the pictures, the skies were bright blue and clear. After a pit stop to get some new batteries for the bike lights, we headed over to Marquette’s campus.

Marquette is much smaller than I realized. The Golden Eagles boast enrollment just short of 12,000. The campus is beautiful (see the Chapel in pictures above). [Mo will have much better pictures, as she was taking pictures with her new DSLR.]

Milwaukee just reeks of malt and yeast. Our path to Lakefront Brewery (LFB) was lined with many large format breweries including Leinenkugel’s Brewery. We were told to go for brats and beers. The brewery is not, however, on a lake. It’s on a river. So I don’t know why they named it LFB. Whatever. LFB is actually in Riverwest with a fantastic patio overlooking the Milwaukee River (where I snagged the cool beer shot). After looking at the map, I guess the Milwaukee River quickly reaches Lake Michigan, but LFB is still like half a mile or more to the lake, so I propose we change the name to LakeNear Brewery or Not-Quite-Lakefront Brewery.

So anyway, we were hanging out at Not-Quite-Lakefront Brewery, and boat traffic was coming in and out. There were drinking games happening in a tent – not quite chaos, but close. We headed back in from the patio, ordered some brats, and thought out our evening.

To the bikes!

After a 20 minute bike ride across town, we visited Drink Wisconsinbly. There we had a state-fair quality deep fried oreo sunday. Afterwards we headed downtown to see the river and city lights. Draw bridges raised and lowered letting party boats and booze cruises putter by. Having had our fill, we pulled into a divey neighborhood pub called Wolski’s where we capped a great Milwaukee night.

Add sleep.

Breakfast and out of town. We passed the Brewer’s stadium on the way out of town, but I was only able to snap a road sign that said, “Your pictures are bad, and you should feel bad.”


I don’t remember where I took this, but hey! Look! Water!



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