Madison, WI

We should have stayed two weeks in Madison, WI.

Some towns and cities just have it. A magnetism that makes you want to stay in a place – a place you know, immediately, that you could call home.

Speaking of home…

Madison, WI is a very friendly, small-feel community with bike lanes and trails all over the capitol extending for miles. One of our hostel-mates mused that “this isn’t a very car-friendly town.” State St. slices through the capitol building toward University of Wisconsin, Madison campus and is exclusively reserved for pedestrians, bicycles and the occasional bus – no cars allowed.

Mo, Hayley and Ellison on the water.
“Street art” found under a bridge.

Madison, WI is sandwiched between two lakes – Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. We rented some kayaks and paddled by Monona Terrace enjoying the beautiful weather.

Fantasy Factory IPA @Memorial Union

UW has a locally famous spot for beer and brats known as the Memorial Student Union. A large terrace opens up over Lake Mendota offering a great place to hang out, listen to music and catch the sunset.

Orpheum Theater

The Orpheum Theater just got a new sign! I’ll see if I can catch a video of the inaugural lighting tonight to add to this post.

Concerts on the Square

The state capitol building hosts Wednesday concerts by the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in a series titled Concerts on the Square. The orchestra played scores from Star Wars, ET, Superman, Lord of the Rings and others.

Pro tips: Alcohol is permitted (and they sell it on site). Apparently you can stake your claim to a portion of the lawn with a blanket, but blankets cannot be placed until 3PM. There is also food and ice cream available for purchase!

As I mentioned in the opener, we only just got officially set up and now we’re leaving! We had a jumble of administrative stuff that need to be done when we got here. We had to clean and then stash the #beepjeep in a park’n’ride across town, and we also had to plot out the next few weeks so we’d have a place to live. That said, we’re off on a crazy blitz starting tomorrow across South Dakota and up into Montana.

Stay tuned! It’s going to be a wild ride.


Mo at with a French’s Mustard mascot at the Mustard Museum



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