ChiTown Fireworks


The Battle of South Side

Nothing says ‘Murica like Mexican hotdogs, star-spangled music, and a good-ole-fashioned fireworks battle, washed down with some ‘merican lager. Pull up your lawn chair to fireworks show number one of our Chicago holiday on America’s birthday eve.

This four-hour long backyard showdown featured the battle of the skies in South Side Chicago. We came over for a backyard barbeque and as the sun settled beneath the horizon, the skies opened up. Neighbors on either side unleashed the celebratory barage.

We quickly unfurled the colors and composed an appropriate playlist to accompany this patriotic display. Then we settled down on camp chairs and coolers to watch as the skies burst into colors.

Rooftop Views

After a trip down to Wrigleyville to watch the Cubbies play America’s favorite pastime, we caught an Uber downtown to a friend’s rooftop, where we grilled delicious bison burgers, drank spiked lemonades, and roasted marshmallows with our fellow Americans. Once again, just after sunset, the skies exploded in celebration over Navy Pier. Precariously perched on a pool chair so that I could see above the heads of my fellow rooftopians, we watched the official Chicago 4th of July celebration.

DJ Mortar & The N. Spaulding Block Party

“I can’t go any further,” our driver said. “You’ve got to get out here,” as a mortar shot into the air and exploded into a burst of color.

We piled out into the smokey streets of Logan Square to the sounds of explosives and bass. As the smoke cleared, we saw piles of debris in the middle of the street and crowds of pedestrians lined on either side. The spark of a lighter ignited another brilliant blast.

With a parcel full of Pacifico’s and Yuengling, we posted up in the middle of a pop up block party, complete with DJs, a box truck blocking the street, tables, chairs and explosives. We danced beneath the blasts and watched in awe as waves of fireworks burst into the air.

Happy birthday, America. Chicago knows how to celebrate you right.



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